Funding Resources

Infrastructure grant uses

Infrastructure projects must improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and access. Some examples include:

  • Sidewalk improvements
  • Traffic calming and speed reduction improvements
  • Pedestrian and bicycle crossing improvements
  • Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (SRTS-TEAP) study be done to evaluate traffic and safety in the area of the school (typically limited to cities with populations under 35,000).
  • On-street bicycle facilities
  • Off-street bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Secure bicycle parking facilities
  • Traffic diversion improvements

Noninfrastructure grant uses

  • Educational materials;
  • Develop a SRTS study or plan;
  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety curricula, materials and trainers;
  • Training, including SRTS training workshops that target school- and community-level audiences;
  • Modest incentives for SRTS contests and incentives that encourage more walking and bicycling over time;
  • Safety and educational tokens that also advertise the program;
  • Photocopying, duplicating and printing costs, including CDs, DVDs, etc., and also mailing costs;
  • Costs for data gathering, analysis, and evaluation reporting at the local project level;
  • Substitute teacher pay, if needed, to cover for faculty attending SRTS functions during school hours;
  • Costs for additional law enforcement or equipment needed for enforcement activities;
  • Equipment and training needed for establishing crossing guard programs;
  • Stipends for parent or staff coordinators;
  • Costs to employ a SRTS program manager
  • Consultant costs (either nonprofit or for-profit) to manage a SRTS program, as described in previous bullet.

For more information and to download grant information, please visit the Iowa DOT Website on Safe Routes to School at

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