Rodeo Supplies

Below is a list of tools that community volunteers can use for your local Bicycle Rodeos/Safety Days.  Iowa Safe Routes to Schools can co-host events if needed. However, we prefer training locals in an effort to create long-lasting sustainable bike safety for Iowa’s youth.

Review the items below and if you have any questions feel free to contact


photo  IMG_1455  IMG_1456

6- Large Cones                         18 Small Cones                      100 Disc Cones

IMG_1451  IMG_1452  IMG_1454

Chalk                                                                  Chalk Machine                                               Measure Wheel

IMG_1457  IMG_1458  IMG_1459

16 Tennis Halves                                                                   Caution Tape                                                                             5 Water Weights ( holding signs)

  IMG_1460  IMG_1463  awedfg

Right Turn/ Left Turn                                                           Yield                                                                                            Serpentine

IMG_1462  IMG_1466

Standing Stop                                                                          Handheld Stop

 IMG_1465  IMG_1464