Iowa Kids on the Move

The “Iowa Kids on the Move” curriculum was developed as part of the Iowa Safe Routes to School Encouragement and Education Program which was created by the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. Funding for this program was provided by the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School program.

Please visit links below to review the Iowa Kids on the Move booklet.

Lesson 1: Good for You, Good for the Earth

Lesson 2: Another Way to Go

Lesson 3: Car Smarts

Lesson 4: Brighten Up!

Lesson 5: Wanda and Wally Brighten Up!

Lesson 6: Crossing to Safety

Lesson 7: Use Your Head Before Your Feet

Lesson 8: Sidewalk Safety

Lesson 9: Sidewalk Safety Day

Lesson 10: All Aboard The School Bus

Lesson 11: Healthy Travel for You and Planet Earth

Lesson 12: Be A Lert!

Lesson 13: Taking it to the Streets

Lesson 14: Bike Safety, Fit and Protective Gear

Lesson 15: Bicycle Rules of the Road

Lesson 16: Pedal Power on the Road

Lesson 17: Celebration of Iowa Kids on the Move

Iowa Kids on the Move Curriculum (complete PDF)

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